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BC, Number Four? Just Don’t ask the Fans

Posted by Brad on October 11, 2007

Yes, as I am sure you are aware at this point (if not, where have you been this week), the Boston College Eagles are the No. 4 team in the college football world.  After starting the season 6-0, and getting some help from teams like Michigan, USC, Wisconsin and others have lost games this year, which didn’t hurt BC in their surge up the rankings.

Heisman “hopeful” (if you can consider him one…) Matt Ryan has looked like one so far, with over 1,800 yards passing and 15 touchdowns.  He has a QB rating of 139.4.  That is 9 points higher than Tom Brady’s.  He is third in the nation in passing yards.

Andre Callender has rushed for over 500 yards on just over 100 carries.  For the math impaired, this means he is averaging just over 5 yards per carry.  He also has 175 yards catching the ball, on only 16 catches (just over 10 yards per catch).

And yet, the Eagles still get no respect from the fans.  Although they are unanimously ranked as the No. 4 team in the country among official polls, they are ranked very low among polls conducted by fans.  For example, they are ranked only number 10 in the ESPN fan poll and number 12 on the poll amongst the fans.  Why is this, that they are ranked behind the likes of the Texas Longhorns (4-2), West Virginia (5-1) and the defending champion Florida Gators (4-2)?   Because people are stupid.

They still think that the “famous” schools are better than BC because the Eagles are a “middle-tier” squad.  Although they have clearly proven their worth, people are still idiotic enough to think other teams are better.  It really is a shame there are so many idiots in the world.

I am excited to see the Eagles play the ND Fighting Irish this weekend.  Not because they are a good team, they’re horrible (seriously, they’re REALLY bad).  But, because maybe, just maybe, if we beat a “famous school” we’ll start earning some respect around the nation.

Talk at ya later. 


2 Responses to “BC, Number Four? Just Don’t ask the Fans”

  1. mlupini said

    On the BC blog, i must agree with you on most of your points. However, I believe the reason BC is behind on the fan blogs is because the last time BC was a top 10 team was very long ago. Another reason is because schools such as Texas, Florida, and W.Virginia have larger fan bases. However, you are correct in saying that BC does not get the recognition they deserve for A.Going 5-0 so far and leading the ACC and B. Actually beating some good teams like Georgia and Wake Forest. By the end of this season, I believe BC will get the recogniton it deserves and become a powerhouse football team for years to come.

  2. ppierce365 said

    All true points, except BC did not beat Georgia, I thik you mean Georgia Tech. Also, I do not think they will be a future powerhouse, but they should be recognized THIS year.

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