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Sox Tonight (finally!)

Posted by Brad on October 12, 2007

Allieuia!  After a week of suffering through bad sports radio on WEEI’s “Dennis and Callahan” morning show (I don’t think the B’s game is big news), we will finally have something to talk about.  Yes, after nearly a week of suffering through the Bruins (although they did look good against the Ducks, surprisingly), the Red Sox will continue their quest for a World Series win.

Tonight Josh Beckett will go up against C.C. Sabathia in Game 1 of the ALCS.  J.D. Drew will not start (praise the heavens) in favor of Bobby Kielty, who has been unbelievable in his career against Sabathia.  The Sox batted .282 against the Indians as a team this past year, and they were 5-2 against them this past season.

The Sox should be able to win this game with Beckett alone.  Beckett is unbelievable in the playoffs in his career (half of his starts have been shutouts) and the Sox have some great hitters against C.C. Sabathia (Kielty, Manny, etc.).    If they can’t win tonight, I will be very concerned for the next few.  Although Schilling is “money” in the playoffs, he is going up against a much younger and sturdy Fausto Carmona.  And, Dice-K is plain old HORRIBLE!

I predict a great performance out of Beckett tonight.  Although he may not throw a shutout, I think he can get it done against the Indians, especially because he is at home.  I think Beckett is going to go down as the greatest big-game pitcher of all time.  When a guy has thrown in six playoff games and has 3 shutouts, you know he’s good (seriously, he’s freakin’ awesome).

Plus, the Tribe’s biggest power threat, Travis Hafner (affectonately called “Pronk”), has been strugglling this year.  Although he got that game-winning hit against the Yankees, he only has about 25 homeruns on the year and is batting only about .250 in the playoffs thus far.  They have had some troubles in the power dept (team leader in HR: Hafner 25).  And that is where Josh Beckett is most vulnerable.

I think that overall, the Sox will just have too much for the Indians tonight.  BUT, I wouldn’t count them out in Game Two or Game Three.  I’ll try to give you guys some updates throughout the game tonight, although the postgame extra might not come until tomorrow.  We’ll see…

By the way, Bruins are on tonight (notice the sarcasm…)!  10:30 ET on NESN (DON’T WATCH IT UNTIL SOX END!)!

Talk at ‘ya later. 


2 Responses to “Sox Tonight (finally!)”

  1. mlupini said

    I don’t think we can say Matsuzaka is “horrible”, he has had quite a few bad starts, but overall he had a quality transition from the less competitive Japanese league to the highly competitive American League East. Furthermore, playing in Boston is like playing with fire, one mistake and you get burned. Dice-K may have had some bad starts, but he has come through where it matters, and isn’t that all that counts?

  2. ppierce365 said

    I’m just saying he is lucky he has gotten the run support. I do think some of this is attributed to his move from Japan to the MLB, but most of my criticizm is toward Francona. He shouldn’t be starting him in big game situations.

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