Boston Sports

All about the Red Sox and other Boston Teams


I’m a HUGE Boston Sports Fan.  I love ALL of the teams in the Boston area.  This is the place for opinionated news from the Boston sports world (please ignore my feeble attempts at humor). 

By the way…  I found a way to get this blog on the first page of a Google search… type “appalachian state no-hitter clay” and scroll down.  FIRST PAGE BABY!  I found another, search “ellsbury and friends” and I am NUMBER 1!!!  If you get bored, let me know of any new ways you find, I’d really love to know

Ahhhhhhhhh.  My favorite time of year is coming.  COLLEGE BASKETBALL (hint to upcoming posts…).

I’m very angry they don’t have a better dark blue on WordPress for the Pats and the new color scheme..


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