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Patriots, Sox, B’s, C’s… I’M BACK

Posted by Brad on October 11, 2007

Okay, not that any of you have actually read any of my posts before now (I hope).  I have so much to talk about and I don’t have time to make seperate posts, so, without further adieu, here is the newest post.

Allright, the Pats have officially started their season.  Shhhhhhhhh!  Let’s whisper it so Bill can’t hear us.  “The Pats are 5-0”.  Yes, the Pats have started out 5-0, and are one of the last undefeated teams in the league, along with the Colts and Cowboys (who narrowly avoided a loss Monday Night, when Tony Romo threw 5 picks, who does that?).  Tom Brady and Randy Moss have jelled like butter on toast (Brady obviously being the toast, because without it, there would be no butter).

Oh, and remember the naysayers saying “The Pats D will suffer without Rodney Harrison and Richard Seymour?  Well without them, the Defense has been second in the NFL, only behind the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The offense is also number two, only behind the ‘Boys (by two yards, why, Dante Stallworth did you drop that pass on third down?).  We have consistently been the best team in NFL.  Tom Brady is third in the league in passing (1,383 yards) and Moss has been number one in receiving, with 551 yards.  They next play on Sunday at 4:15 in their best matchup thus far, at da ‘Boys!

Moving on to the Red Sox, they have advanced out of the ALDS, by sweeping the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (say that ten times fast).  The Indians beat the Yankees in their series, so the Sox will play the Tribe beginning Friday night.

This series was really just a warmup for the Red Sox.  In Game one, they steamrolled over the Halos 4-0, behind Josh Beckett’s complete game shutout.  In game two on Friday, Manny and the Sox walked off with the win, 6-3.  And in game three, Schill pitched a gem giving the Sox a 9-1 win.

On Friday, Beckett will go for the Sox against C.C Sabathia.  In Game two on Saturday, Schill will go against Fausto Carmona.  Game three on Monday will feature Dice K and Jake Westbrook.  Game four will pit Tim Wakefield and Paul Byrd against each other.

Should be a good series, hope to post on Game one, if not before then.

I’ll try to be quick with the C’s and B’s.

The Celtics have won their first two preason games over in Europe by a score of 89-85 over the Raptors in Rome and 92-81 over the T’Wolves in KG’s reunion.  The big three (Pierce, KG, Ray Allen) have looked great.  Pierce and Garnett have lead the way in PPG whil Ray is 4th on the squad.

As for the Bruins, they have started the season 1-1 (this was posted as the B’s are getting ready to play the defending champion Ducks at 10:00).  They have looked okay by getting steamrolled by the Stars, 4-1,  then beating the Coyotes 3-1.  Marc Savard and Patrice Bergeron have two points (Bergeron 2 goals, Savard two assists) to lead the team.

And there you go, a brief (well somewhat) roundup of Boston Sports, all in just over 500 words! 

By the Way, you’ll start noticing changes in the colors of the site as the Sox wrap up the season and the Pats get going.

Talk at ya soon.  


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Pats D in trouble?

Posted by Brad on September 3, 2007

The answer to that question is, no.  This team is too good not to do well, even with the losses of star Safety Rodney Harrison (suspended, 5 weeks) and D-Lineman, Richard Seymour (injured, 6 weeks).

Despite the facts they are two of the best players on defense, this team still has too many good players, like Asante Samuel, Mike Vrabel, Adalius Thomas and Tedy Bruschi.  It is full of really good players who can keep the defense going, despite these major losses.

Of course, this will still be a very good test for this defense.  It will give Brandon Meriweather a great chance to show what he can do at safety.  It is also an aging defense, with the exceptions of Samuel and Thomas.  It will be interesting to see what they can do without two of their integral players.

Despite all this, I still predict a successful first five weeks from this defense.  Plus, with the unbelievable offense the Pats have, there isn’t going to be as much pressure on the defense to be perfect as their was last year.  They can give up more points than last year and this team can still win many games.

I don’t think the pass rush will be as affected as many people think it will.  Seymour had only four sacks last season, and Adalius Thomas should be able to help out with the pass rush.  I am more concerned about the loss of Harrison.  He is a hard-hitting safety.  And, the Pats secondary isn’t stellar without him, with the exception of Samuel.

Overall, I think the Pats defense will do well with James Sanders filling in for Rodney Harrison and should get off to a good start to the season. 

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